5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Facebook Page

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Post used with permission from www.NoticeMeMedia.com

When meeting with new clients I am often shocked when they ask me, “Why does my business need a Facebook page?

Most of my clients have already paid a bunch of money for a web site and are feeling a little bit spent when it comes to digital. People think they are going to have to spend the same amount they did on the web page to get a business page up and running. Many are surprised to find out this is not the case. With minimal technical know-how, a business owner can create their own page using their cell phone. If you care about being found online, a Facebook business page is not something you can overlook.


Below are 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Facebook Page.


1. A Facebook Page is completely free.

Unlike a web site, there is no cost to starting a Facebook business page. As a platform, Facebook makes their money off of advertising. They give you the page for free and encourage you to spend money on advertising to be found by more people.



2. A Facebook Business Page offers an avenue for customer engagement.

Facebook offers a way to communicate with your clients both individually and en masse. Want to see if a new product will do well? Post it on your page and see what your followers have to say. You are also given the opportunity to create events and collect reviews.



3. Facebook is easy to use.

Starting a Facebook Business page requires no coding knowledge. If you can write a sentence and attach a picture, you can manage a Facebook page. Their developers do all the heavy lifting to make sure each page displays correctly across all devices.



4. Your customers and potential customers are already on the platform. 

According to the Pew Research Center over 7 in 10 Americans use social media, with the majority of them having a Facebook account. As a business, you want to be visible on the platform your clients are using. If you own a bakery and someone on Facebook is looking for a cake, having a page allows your customers to tag and refer your business.



5. Facebook is investing big money to keep people on their platform.

Facebook consistently releases updates that encourage users to stay on their site, versus venturing anywhere else. Why go to google if you can search on Facebook? Why visit a companies web page when their Facebook page will tell you the same thing? As mentioned above, Facebook makes money off of advertising. The longer a user is logged into their platform the more money they stand to make. Let Facebook spend the money, so that you may reap the rewards.



This sounds good, but I can barely turn on my computer let alone create a Facebook page.

If this all sounds like more trouble then what it is worth, we can help you out. Give us a call at 352-304-3217 to discuss how we can put your business on Facebook..